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College admissions essay coaching. For all.

Personalized, expert writing support is out of reach for most. We bridge this gap with affordable guidance designed for busy high schoolers.

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of students in the program accepted 
into a college of their choice


of students in the program accepted 
into a college of their choice

Hear from our students

Now is the perfect time.

Due to the changes in affirmative action and with many schools no longer requiring ACT/SAT scores, the need for students to express themselves in writing is more important than ever.



of 12th graders are proficient writers.



 of underestimated students have access to quality writing support.

Strong essays


chances of admission.

Grounded in science.

Current writing instruction often leaves students frustrated, discouraged, and unable to tell their story. Our research-backed curriculum addresses these widespread challenges.

Sociocultural Theoretical Framework

Writing is deeply personal and inherently social. Our AI-powered coaching facilitates social learning through personalized responses that mimic peer feedback.

First Generation: Arden feels lost on where to start.
Time Crunch: Destiny has just one month to write her standout essay.
Writing Anxiety: Martina was once told she’s not a good writer.
Lack of Support: Jalen’s school does not offer college application support.

Gamified Writing Process

Writing is an iterative and non-linear process. Our intuitive island layout reduces overwhelm while comfortably guiding students on their writing journey.

Cognitive Load Theory

Students can only process so much learning at a time. Say goodbye to long, tedious lessons—our content is engaging and digestible, making learning a breeze.

How It Works

Let’s say Imani has 3 months to write her college admissions essay. Using College Essay App, she prepares a standout essay in 4 easy steps.



Engage in science-backed lessons in her preferred medium and practice techniques that work best for her.



Put the techniques into use and gradually create snippets of essay content.


Edit & Refine

Check her progress against essay requirements. Refine and arrange content in an easy drag and drop interface to create a complete essay.



Submit her best essay to her dream school!

  • Family / Mentor
  • Private Tutor
  • College Essay App
  • YouTube
  • ChatGPT
Where do students go 
to get college essay help? Family / MentorPrivate TutorCollege Essay AppYouTubeChatGPT
Where do students go 
to get college essay help?
Research-Based Curriculum
Bite-Sized, Gamified Content
Personalized, Tailored Teaching
Emotional Writing Support
Fixes Common Writing Errors
Available 24/7
Low or No Cost

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